Wednesday, 14 March 2012



Welcome to our March Edition Newsletter – Spring has ‘Sprung’ and is most definitely in the air.  Soon the clocks will change and we can look forward to the longer hours of daylight and the onset of summer – Yay!

As part of our ‘Introduce the Staff Feature’ Berck Limited would like to welcome our Assembly Gang. These firecrackers are very feisty and are not to be messed with, as the name suggests they diligently assemble our products so our customer can look forward to and enjoy quality assembled products with an on time delivery at a competitive price.

 St Patrick’s Day is near so here are some things you didn’t know:

The actual colour of St. Patrick is blue. Green became associated with St. Patrick's Day during the 19th century. Green, in Irish legends, was worn by fairies and immortals, and also by people to encourage their crops to grow.

The Irish flag is green, white and orange. The green symbolizes the people of the south, and orange, the people of the north. White represents the peace that brings them together as a nation.

Legend says that each leaf of clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the fourth for luck.

‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’ to all our Irish Customers and Suppliers !